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About Freedom Solutions Trust

Freedom Solutions Trust is a Philadelphia-based real estate company specializing in quick, hassle-free property sales. 

We offer creative solutions such as taking over payments and lease-purchasing. Our experienced team handles all the details, often closing deals within days. 

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Has your listing expired?

Struggling to sell your home? We offer a fast solution to buy your property, even if your listing has expired.

Bad tenants?

Dealing with troublesome tenants? Sell your property with tenants in place, freeing you from landlord responsibilities.

Is your house vacant?

Vacant property? We purchase vacant homes quickly, relieving you of maintenance and security concerns.

Owe liens?

Facing liens on your property? We can buy your home and handle lien settlements, simplifying the selling process.

Need repairs?

Property in need of repairs? Sell it as-is to us without the hassle or cost of renovations.


Going through a divorce? We offer discreet and efficient property sale solutions to help you move forward.

In foreclosure?

Facing foreclosure? Sell your home quickly and avoid the damaging consequences with our fast purchase options.

Estate Sale?

Handling an estate sale? We simplify the process with quick purchase options for inherited properties.

Behind on payments?

Struggling with mortgage payments? Sell your home fast and avoid further financial strain.

Your Trusted Guide to
the Philadelphia Market

Stay informed with Freedom Solutions Trust’s blog, where we share the latest real estate tips, market trends, and success stories in Philadelphia. 

Our expert insights and practical advice will help you navigate the real estate market with confidence. 

Check back regularly for new articles and updates to keep you ahead in the ever-changing real estate landscape.

Hear from Our Clients

Discover the stories of homeowners in Philadelphia who have successfully navigated their real estate challenges with Freedom Solutions Trust. 

Read their firsthand accounts to learn how our tailored solutions and quick, hassle-free service made a significant difference. 

Our clients’ satisfaction underscores our commitment to exceptional outcomes.

We were facing foreclosure and felt completely overwhelmed. Freedom Solutions Trust stepped in and purchased our home quickly, which lifted a huge burden off our shoulders. Their team was compassionate and professional throughout the entire process. We can't thank them enough for their help!
Philadelphia, PA
After dealing with bad tenants for months, I decided to sell my property. Freedom Solutions Trust made the sale incredibly easy and took care of everything, even the tenants. I highly recommend their services to anyone in a similar situation.
My job required me to relocate on short notice, and I needed to sell my house fast. Freedom Solutions Trust not only bought my house within a week but also offered a fair price. Their efficiency and understanding made the whole experience stress-free.
Philadelphia, PA
Divorce is hard enough, and selling our joint property could have been a nightmare. Freedom Solutions Trust handled our situation with sensitivity and professionalism. Selling the house was the easiest part of the process, thanks to their team.
Philadelphia, PA
I inherited a house that needed a lot of repairs, and I didn't have the time or resources to manage it. Freedom Solutions Trust bought the property as-is, and I received payment within days. Their service is outstanding, and they really care about their clients.
Philadelphia, PA
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Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: (267) 282-3992


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Freedom Solutions Trust

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