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Welcome to Freedom Solutions Trust!

Freedom Solutions Trust is your reliable partner for swift, stress-free property sales in Philadelphia.

Our Philadelphia-based team specializes in innovative real estate solutions tailored to your unique needs, offering options such as taking over payments and lease-purchasing. 

Contact us for a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and discover how we can simplify your real estate challenges.

Local Expertise

Deep understanding of the Philadelphia real estate market.

Fast Closings

Efficient processes that often lead to quick property sales.

Hassle-Free Solutions

Streamlined transactions with minimal stress.

Creative Approaches

Innovative solutions like taking over payments and lease-purchasing.

Personalized Service

Tailored assistance to meet your unique needs.

Comprehensive Management

Handling all paperwork and arrangements for you.

Trusted Partner

Reliable support for overcoming real estate challenges.

Client Satisfaction

Commitment to exceptional service and positive outcomes.

Partner with Freedom Solutions Trust

Selling your home is a significant decision. Allow us to guide you through every step of the process. With our expertise and commitment, we ensure that selling your house is as smooth and beneficial as possible. 

Join our network and experience a stress-free property sale.

Our Commitment to You

At Freedom Solutions Trust, we are dedicated to ensuring your real estate transaction is as seamless and advantageous as possible. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and transparency and are steadfast in our commitment to achieving client satisfaction.

Discover why we are the trusted choice for property solutions in Philadelphia.

Contact us:

Address: 1735 Market St. Ste. 125 #440

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: (267) 282-3992


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